About me

Hello everyone! This is my FIRST EVER blog for all of you to fall in love with!  I’m Tracey, a 24 year old Chiropractor who has adopted the Paleo diet over the last few years.  I’ve learned tons from well-known bloggers and authors such as Danielle Walker, Juli Bauer, the Primal Palate duo, and Diane Sanfilippo, just to name a few.  I fell in love with their love for food that makes you feel good and includes all the nutrients your body needs.  Disclaimer: I am not a professional chef or anything close to that.  I have just spent time reading, watching, and practicing in the kitchen daily to find what works for me and develop recipes of my own.  My cooking style is very simple, but I’m always willing to try something a little more complex if it’s going to be AWESOME.  And while Paleo is a food thing, health doesn’t just stop at food. On this blog, I plan to share recipes, health info, fitness info, and I’m sure other things that don’t necessarily fall into a Paleo category.

My overall passion is chiropractic, but along with that came a big passion for food and learning about the nutrients that our bodies need in order to operate at 100%.  As a chiropractor, I can treat a patient until the cows come home, but if they are feeding their bodies full of toxic, inflammatory foods day in and day out, they will never fully get better. To be honest, school doesn’t teach you the good stuff about nutrition…they stick to the “perfect plate” and what the medical model teaches as the proper diet.  Well folks, America is a bunch of sick, obese people so CLEARLY the “perfect plate” isn’t working and we can’t blame our genetics for it. (near rant there…I’ll save it for another blog post!)  Aaaaaaanyway…I decided to seek out the Paleo diet on my own because my own body was suffering.  I never really had a love for food like many people do.  This wasn’t because food didn’t taste good, but because of the way it made me feel.  I have battled over the years trying to figure out what in thee heck makes my tummy ache/feel bloaty after each meal and why I couldn’t lose any weight eating things like low fat yogurt and egg whites and running 5 miles a day.  I started slow by just getting rid of bread, then grains all together, then dairy, then limiting sugars, and finally focused on eating grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats and cooking in the right oils.  It has changed my life dramatically.  While my gut issues aren’t completely perfect (yet to get officially checked out), I can at least feel good after a Paleo meal.  I have more energy when I eat Paleo and things I didn’t even expect to change, changed.  My skin is clearer, my workouts are better, and my attention span is much higher.  I realized that calorie counting isn’t the way we become healthy.  Maybe it would make me look skinnier, but would I be healthy? Nah. I’d rather be healthy and live a long, long life than be some kind of stick-figure.

Guys, I absolutely LOVE cooking. And I love cooking healthy, tasty dishes.  But I would be lying to you if I said I eat Paleo all the time.  I cheat every once in a while, but if I do, I try to make sure it’s a Paleo treat.  Sometimes though, it’s NOT a Paleo treat.  Whoops.  If I want that bowl of carrot cake ice cream, I’m going to have it because it happens to be the best ice cream flavor on the planet and I’m weak.  The feeling I get after eating it is a reminder of how much dairy and sugar affects me in a negative way. But it tastes good for the 30 seconds I was eating it (yes I eat my ice cream in less than a minute; I don’t waste time when it comes to my favorite dessert).  But on a more serious note, I hope to inspire all of you with my story and an assortment of gluten-free, Paleo-friendly recipes and posts that make you as happy as they make me.

P.S. –I sometimes think I’m funnier than I actually am…so I will thank you in advance for laughing at my weird humor.  I’m a huge dork.  I appreciate you all appreciating my dorky-ness.



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great blog Tracey! I will enjoy it! When I got rid of all 7 of the predictable allergens, all that stomach blotting and aching went away- corn, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar and peanuts. I was pretty extreme but worked. Can’t wait to have a good source of recipes that are yummy!

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